Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Hole Chocolate Cake

Imagine three dense bittersweet chocolate layers of cake with a creamy chocolate truffle filling between each. Then imagine that cake iced with more whipped chocolate. And then a thick dark chocolate glaze poured over until it had drizzled down on all sides. That's the Black Hole Chocolate Cake! It is rich, very rich, and sure to satisfy any desires for chocolate. My copy of the recipe, requested recently by my son, was clipped out of a local newspaper many years ago.
Originally found in the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Desserts, this cake is definitely one of our favorites. Sometimes I've made it just because it sounded good, other times because we were, quite honestly, craving chocolate, and several times I've baked it for special occasions. Follow this link - Black Hole Chocolate Cake - for the recipe so you can make it yourself.


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