Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frozen Lakes

Having recently spent several days out of town, we traveled over Steven's Pass and through the Wenatchee Valley for a visit with my son in Rock Island, Washington. It was cold there. The temps dipped into the 7 to 9 degrees fahreinheit range at night, and it didn't feel much warmer during the days. Not scared off by the cold temperatures, my son and I took advantage of the blue sky by taking our dogs out for a run around the lakes near his home. Here's my son walking on the ice on one of those frozen lakes.Maybee, Brian's high-energy puppy, runs circles around everyone. It was difficult to catch her with my camera as she is so very FAST. Speed jumping, she soared over the grasses in the wetlands.
More people and pets out enjoying the sun and ice.
Later, I checked out the Columbia River from the new boat launch at the Riverfront Park in Wenatchee.
More pics . . .

I had to chuckle just a little once I had returned home. Even though I'd been over a mountain pass and into Eastern Washington, I had not encountered any accumulation of snow on the roads during the entire trip - that is, until I made the final turn back into my own driveway at the end of the trip.

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