Saturday, December 19, 2009

Model House

Pulling out the model house he received from the architect after we had walked around the piles of dirt in his yard, Barry explained that he was still waiting on inspectors from the Whatcom County Planning Department and Lummi Nation Planning and Development to work out the final details of his building permit before he can actually start construction.
Another view. And yet another view.
Meanwhile, Barry and his dog eye the dirt work he completed with his Kubota tractor in anticipation of the permit.
There's a nice view of the Lummi Island Ferry Dock from on top of this pile of dirt.
His house will sit here.
Update February 11, 2010: Barry telephoned indicating that the permitting was finalized and the foundation is finished. I'll be there tomorrow taking some progress photos before the framing begins. Let's hope for clear skies so we can capture some of the beautiful view of Hales Passage.

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