Sunday, January 23, 2011


Petunia, a male singer/songwriter from Canada entertained us with his band, The Vipers, at a dance at the American Museum of Radio and Electricity. Very lively tunes, rockabilly style, and a fast, jivy swing dance turned out to be the best way to approach the dance floor. Here's a video of Petunia and the Vipers performing one of the songs we danced to. It's a rather goofy video, but you can at least get a good idea of his style.

The American Museum of Radio and Electricity is a great place to visit - if you, like me, have any sort of appreciation for old tube radios because it is literally packed full of old console radios, tubes and displays of that nature. They also have a radio station - KMRE Radio - and you can listen live over the Internet. Go - here - to see a lineup of their show schedule.

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