Thursday, January 6, 2011


Seems it's time to start thinking about seeds for my 2011 garden as stuffed tightly into my post office box today was my first seed catalog for the season. Interested in growing more heirloom vegetables and herbs, Bountiful Gardens is dedicated to providing heirloom, untreated, open-pollinated seeds, supplies, books and more and is a good resource for me to browse through before attending the Annual Seed Swap later this month.Like an extra bonus, also crammed into my tiny post office box was an advertisement from Sunset Magazine. Inside their envelope was this packet of basil seeds. I'll be enjoying your publication online this year, but thank you very much Sunset Magazine for the seeds!With a portion of Garden Nbr. 02 partly shaded in the early afternoon, my thought is that this partial shade loving sweet basil might be perfect there - along with some other shade tolerant herbs.

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