Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Where's your snow she asked. Well, if and when we actually get snow, it just doesn't last very long here on the coast. Last night, snow flakes were coming down hard. Accompanied by a strong wind, it reminded me of blizzarding conditions. In places, four to six inches of heavy, wet snow quickly piled up. Driving conditions were dangerous. Our little town has no snow plows. A nearby town with a population of 60 to 70 thousand might have a total of four snow plows. It is best to stay home for the short duration of our snow storms.The snow storm came through just before night fall but by morning the temperature had warmed to the mid forties. With steady drizzle, quick work was made of melting the snow, returning our gardens to their normal winter state of mud and puddles.


  1. I think I like your climate a lot more than mine. Wanna trade? :)

  2. Hehehe, been there, done that . . .


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