Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On the Trail Again - Between Rain Showers

Yesterday it seemed like rivers of rain were running down our trail so we cut our normal walk a little short. Determined to get some decent walking in today, we managed to log a good six miles on the higher trails through that beautiful wooded area - all between rain showers. Both Clifford and Torrie enjoyed their romp through the woods in their off-leash areas.

Before heading back to where we entered the trail system, I decided to walk over to the duck pond to see what was happening there today. With a little ice still remaining in the middle of the pond, several ducks were walking around on top of the ice. As we approached the beach, the ducks came over to great us.

So pleasantly paddling around, they would occasionally dive down, perhaps looking for a little afternoon snack.

Very peaceful out on the trails with just a slight sprinkle today. The air feeling so fresh and pure. One more beautiful day!

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