Monday, February 25, 2008

Precarious Parking

There was plenty of parking on the beach this afternoon! As the beach came into view when Aaron and I rounded the corner of the Bay to Baker Trail, I was surprised to see a red Trooper so precariously parked. Many questions ran through my mind - Whose car is it? How did they get it there? Why were they driving on that beach anyway? How are they going to get it out of there? What happens when the tide comes in?

It seems like an unusual place to park a car!

Another beautiful day in Bellingham, and a great day to show my neighbor Aaron where I catch the trailhead not far from our apartment complex for the Bay to Baker Trail. We had been trying for a couple of weeks to find a day when both the weather and our schedules allowed us to get together for this walk. It worked out perfectly today.

Starting at our apartment complex not far from Cornwall Park, we walked down the sidewalk until we reached the trailhead. Once on the trail and since it's not posted as requiring leashes on dogs, I let Torrie enjoy running free. Upon reaching the beach, Torrie gets excited and can hardly wait to dive in. Swimming and fetching, swimming and fetching, he is so excited each time the stick is tossed out into the waves.

The slideshow of highlights from today's walk.

Walking back, we take a little detour onto a side trail that leads to a little meadow. Torrie, still damp from playing in the water, enjoys a long roll in the grasses.

Approximately three miles round trip from the starting point, to the trailhead, passing through Squalicum Canyon, walking under the Eldridge Avenue bridge, on to Squalicum Beach and then back again, a very pleasant walk on a sunny day.

Thank you for joining me today, Aaron! I hope you enjoyed the walk.

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