Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wildwood Chapel

The tiny Wildwood Chapel, set under moss-covered maples is a favorite roadside stop of mine whenever I make the drive between Bellingham and Marblemount.Originally, this miniature chapel was located in a large field along Highway 2 just East of Monroe. Destroyed by vandals in 1975, the Monroe Church replaced their structure with a new one and the Clark family salvaged the remains of the vandalized chapel. After moving the damaged chapel to its present location along Highway 20 and carefully restoring, the Clark's reopened the chapel to the public a year or two later. I have been pausing at this chapel whenever I pass by since the late seventies. Inside there are four tiny pews, a tiny alter and a guest book. Arrangements can even be made to rent this little chapel for small weddings and other ceremonies.

I had forgotten how rural and quiet the Highway 20 portion of Skagit County is this time of year. After passing fields white with grazing snow geese along Interstate 5 as I drove through the Skagit flats, once on my way along Highway 20, except for the few resident eagles, of which I saw two perched in trees along the road as I drove, at times it seemed as if I was the only one passsing through - my car the only one on the road. A very pleasant and peaceful drive today as Torrie and I headed up to Ken's to view his progress on the house remodel and visit over dinner.

The view from the rural roadside - the Skagit River calmly flowing, not a sign of spring leaf buds yet, and barely a trace of snow remaining in the foothills.

My driver's seat highlights from today's drive includes lots of signs - "signs, signs, everywhere a sign . . ." - with a few extras thrown in!

My route for the day - from Bellingham to Marblemount, and back again.

Great job on that remodel, Ken! Many inside walls have been torn out to open up the space and new sheetrock installed throughout; an expansion, complete with hickory cabinets, doubles the kitchen size and opens the workspace up to the view of the beautiful Skagit River; wood floors installed and shining throughout most of the main floor; new tile, a granite composite shower and a pounded copper sink added to the bathroom. Wow! Lots of hard work!

I really enjoyed that pasta sauce too! Thanks!

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  1. thanks rose, it was so nice having you and torrie visit. the drive home always makes me smile, you are one of the few that shares that smile. i am a fan of the milepost signs marking my way home. i love the way some of them peek out from the blackberries reminding me, "you're getting closer." ken


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