Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marion Weston Band and The Walrus

How could we sit at home on what felt like the absolute hottest day of the year when we could have been at Boulevard Park, on the grass with friends, watching the sun set over Bellingham Bay and enjoying the Marion Weston Band as they performed on the stage? Guess where we were?
The Marion Weston Band.
Keyboards and guitar.
The sunset over the bay and concert goers.
Taylor Dock, our walk to Boulevard Park.
More of the Taylor Dock walk.
It is a great walk!
After enjoying the concert at Boulevard Park, we set off to the Wild Buffalo House of Music in down town Bellingham to hear The Walrus, our all-time favorite local band.

We danced, we ate pizza (thanks Lee!), we chatted with some of the band members, we helped celebrate a birthday, we danced some more, we enjoyed their excellent acoustic interlude (what a special treat that was!) and we had an absolutely wonderful time.


How cool it was to see Jennifer and Marianne tonight. We most definitely must get together again very soon!

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