Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Classrooms - A Forest

A forest, a real tree farm, on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains near Everson was one more great classroom location in our WSU Master Watershed / Beach Watchers Program series of classes.The log manager for Great Western Lumber, a third generation tree farmer, shared information about forest regeneration and its watershed impact.Replanted with Douglas Fir and Cedar trees last fall, we toured a clearcut, being careful not to step on any of those new, tiny little trees.
At another clearcut, replanted two years ago, we were shown how to count the age of a Douglas Fir based on the number of rounds of limbs.
Far below, the sound of water rapidly flowing in Collins Creek is heard as we view a Pacific Yew about halfway up the creek bed wall.
More photos from the forest watershed.


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