Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Classrooms - Tennant Lake

Learning has never been so much fun! I so appreciate the great classroom settings for the WSU Master Watershed / Beach Watchers Program. Our first stop, the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center for a wetlands lecture followed by a trek around the lake to explore the wetlands and study this portion of our watershed.
The raised boardwalk around the marshy portion of Tennant Lake had been covered by over six feet of water during the flooding last month and was still roped off. We went under and began exploring.
In our boots, we braved passage over still submerged portions of the boardwalk. Other portions of the boardwalk were high and dry.
We spotted these salamander eggs floating in the marsh waters along the way.
More photos from our Tennant Lake fieldtrip.

The time to enjoy the amenities at Tennant Lake is now! The Tennant Lake Interpretive Center, operated under joint management by the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, is in danger of closing. On the list of cuts due to the shortage of State monies, all interpretive staff at this facility employed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife have already been informed that their positions will end at the end of this fiscal year - the end of June. Without staff, the Interpretive Programs enjoyed by so many will go away too. There is even some speculation that Whatcom County may have to entirely close this facility.
Currently, a majority of the trails and the boardwalk are closed due to damage sustained during the recent flooding event with an anticipated opening date scheduled for April 4th. Some of the buildings and trails have already be repaired and have re-opened. A listing of the Spring 2009 Interpretive Programs is available on their website at -
Located along the Pacific Flyway, birding enthusiasts have ample opportunities to view migratory birds around Tennant Lake. A list of the birds identified at Tennant Lake is available in pdf format at - The Birds of Tennant Lake. Happy birding!

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