Friday, May 1, 2009

Oyster Farming

All part of learning more about the Drayton Harbor Watershed, first we visited the water quality testing lab at the Northwest Indian College, then we toured the aquaculture at the Lummi Shellfish Operations, and by afternoon, our WSU Beach Watchers class finished out our day traveling by a small boat for a tour of the Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm and then boarding a barge in beautiful Drayton Harbor at Blaine, WA.
Doing the "hip boot shuffle", we waded through the water once the boat was anchored in order to reach the oyster beds for the tour.

There were oysters everywhere!

Wading back to the boat, our next stop was the barge, where, once we had climbed aboard, we were able to learn more about the watershed.

Oysters were available for those who wanted some, so here I am, shucking oysters back at home!
Photos from Drayton Harbor and the oyster beds.


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