Monday, April 5, 2010

Flooded Boardwalk

One of my favorite walks at the Tennant Lake Park in Ferndale is up the stairs to the top of the tower.
I find the view of the Tennant Lake homestead and the red barn at nearby Hovander Homestead Park well worth the climb up those stairs.
Back at ground level, the entryway to the trail that leads to the boardwalk through the wetlands surrounding Tennant Lake had been flooded by the recent rains. Fortunately, we've grown accustomed to flooding in this area so tend keep enough boards over the walkway to provide that extra inch or two necessary in order to walk across without getting your feet too wet. I like looking back to see the reflection of the tower in the flooded boardwalk once I've crossed.
The meadow grasses and trees provide a peaceful reflection into the streams that meander through the wetlands.
In other places, the boardwalk having remained submurged by flood waters for at least a year that I know of (see Tennant Lake blog post from March 2009 here - Great Classrooms-Tennant Lake), are now probably unsafe to pass - even when wearing my highest waterproof boots and using my trekking poles.
More pics from Tennant Lake and Hovander Homestead Parks.

Following the trail from Tennant Lake to the Hovander Homestead Park grounds, the turkey and chicken seemed to enjoy the attention I paid them during my visit.

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