Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden Number 2

It must have something to do with the pleasant Spring weather we've been having, because all of a sudden, plans for my Happy Valley Garden Number 2 are coming together. A day at the gardens though is never complete without first visiting my Garden Number 1.
Second leaves are sprouting on the spinach, bok choy and radishes that I planted a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm looking forward to that first harvest.
Slug nibbles are obvious on the fava beans growing in Garden Number 1, but based on past experience, I am convinced the beans will win this battle between plant and slug without my having to use any nasty chemical deterrents, or waste a good beer.
With Garden Number 1 under control, I can finally focus on my new spot, Garden Number 2, with the removal of the early Spring weeds. Not necessarily the most fun job, yet oh so necessary, you can see that while I am making progress, more work remains.
Propping the salvaged boards that will be used to build the raised beds for this garden up against my fence, a friend's table saw will cut them from 12" wide down to 6". This will double the amount of building materials I have on hand, but based on the sketches I've drawn up of what I want to build, I'll still have to get a few more boards from Kathy. These boards will need to be loaded back into my car for transport to the saw, but at least now I know where NOT to park (see Stuck in the Mud) when doing so.
The truck is lined up for later in the week to haul in a yard or two of 5-way soil mix to fill my new raised beds, and so is help with the unloading of that ton or so of dirt. First, though, I must finish the weeding, get the lumber cut and build those raised beds. Meanwhile, one more day's worth of weeds and debris removed from Garden Number 2 heads to the compost heap.
With a night or two of frost predicted for next week, my goal is to have Garden Number 2 ready to plant by the first of May. Possible? I hope so!

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