Saturday, April 24, 2010

WSDOT Incident Response Team

WSDOT Incident Response Team to the rescue! Heading down the highway on a trip, I was barely out of the city limits when all of a sudden one of my rear tires blew up. It didn't just go flat, it literally exploded. Boom! Somehow I managed to get the car under control enough to be able to come to a stop along the side of the road. When still juggling my cell phone to call for roadside assistance and fumbling through the manual to see just where they might have hidden the spare, I glanced up into the rearview mirror and saw a WSDOT guy getting out of his truck - with a jack in hand. Turned out, he knew exactly where the spare was without even having to look it up in the book, and within minutes, had the tire changed.
Back on the road again, I'm off on what should prove to be a very interesting and fun next couple of weeks. Yeah, WSDOT Incident Response Team guy, you're my hero!!!!

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  1. WTG WSDOT Guy. That is a dangerous underappreciated job.


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