Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuck in the Mud

Thank goodness for friends that help look out after each other! One such friend is my better-than-a-sister Kathy. Searching for something to use to confine her new puppy, Jack, to the designated dog area of her car, she called me to inquire where to get discarded fish net. Indicating that she was on her way to the RE Store first, if she couldn't find anything there, her next stop would be that dumpster at the harbor.

Our conversation then turned from fish nets to the RE Store as I mentioned that I had been there recently looking for boards to build raised beds in my new garden space, and that I had been unsuccessful at finding what I needed there. Quite coincidentally, she told me that contractors were replacing the fascia at the apartment complex where she lives, and that she had rescued a stack of boards for a project she had in mind. Realizing that there were plenty more boards yet to be replaced and the fact that she was not quite ready to put that first stack of boards to use, she offered them to me. I'd already had a long day though as I had been to Lynden, been to Ferndale, completed a photo shoot up off the Slater Road of man and his big truck, cooked and shared a dinner with friends, so consequently by the time I went to Kathy's to pick up those boards and had arrived at my garden to unload, it was getting close to dark. Tired and not looking forward to having to carry a stack of lumber any further than necessary, I parked in the grass off to the side of the road near my new garden space and recalled thinking as I felt the wheels of my car settle into those deep ruts that I hoped I would be able to get my car out of that mud when I was ready to leave.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy and I was definitely stuck in the mud. I know, I know, this picture doesn't look like my car was stuck at all, but believe me, it was stuck.But that's where that group of friends that help look out after each other comes in handy - as does a querty keyboard on the cell phone and texting. A quick text sent, "are u still in town?" with a reply of "yea" and I knew I wouldn't have to leave my car at the garden for the night, nor would I have to find a way home - in the dark. Ten minutes later, a big van was there with a giant chain and a huge rope. Once we found the flashlights and a place to attach that huge rope to my car, it was pulled out of those big ruts and back onto the stability of the gravel road.The tinkling sound as mud fell off the wheels sounded pretty good as I turned my car onto the pavement to head home. Guess who won't be parking off the gravel again for quite some time?

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