Monday, June 8, 2009

Kathy's Deck

I absolutely love how it feels to be on Kathy's deck. It's peaceful, relaxing and soothing. She's decorated it with pretty flowers and plants, then scattered in colorful samplings from her collections.
There are little chimes gently blowing in the breeze, containers filled with interesting things, fragrant herbs and lots of different shapes, colors and textures, all blending harmoniously on Kathy's deck.
Her sweet kitty watched with keen cat eyes as she adjusted the umbrella so we had a better view of that magnificant red sun as it began to set somewhere behind Bellingham Bay.
With Fairhaven and Bellingham Bay as our backdrop, the view is pretty nice from Kathy's deck.
Too bad she's been displaced by the property management company after 8-1/2 years of responsibly living there. She has conveniently worked for just as long in that very same neighborhood too. Now what else can she do but search for a new place to make her home. Do not fear, my dear friend, the troops, they will rally.
And we pray that your dear daughter and precious unborn grandchild in far away Montana will soon be out of the hospital, heathy and strong. Do not fear, my dear friend, the troops, they are rallying.

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  1. Hello and good day. thank you for sharing your pics and stories... Have a blessed day, i enjoyed my visit to your blog :)


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