Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spitfires in the Garden

You would think that my Spitfire nasturtiums for the Seed Grow Project would have been planted by now, and you'd think that my Happy Valley Garden Nbr. 01 would have been the obvious place in which to plant them. After all, I have certainly been busy adding plants to this garden - perennials and annuals, fruits and flowers, vegetables and herbs. The chives, blueberries and strawberries are in full bloom and the garden is looking real good. Sweet peas, one of my favorite cut flowers, fill two different areas in Garden Nbr. 01. They are the "giant" kind, promising to grow over six feet tall and be covered with long stems of colorful, fragrant flowers. It's exciting to watch them stretch as they almost reach the trellises on which they will soon be climbing so high.
Nope, I'm not going to plant these Spitfire nasturtiums in Garden Nbr. 01. You see, there's hardly any room left in Garden Nbr. 01, and what space is left is already reserved for a few sunflowers, several kinds of pole beans, some pole peas, two or three tomato plants, a couple of eggplants and some patty pan squash. There's just no room for any Spitfire nasturtiums in Garden Nbr. 01 - so I'm going to plant them here, in my Garden Nbr. 02.
It's rather obvious that Garden Nbr. 02 is not quite ready for those Spitfire Nasturtiums, but progress is being made. The sod and weeds have been removed, and the soil turned with the shovel.
A friendly, fellow community gardener guy tilled the soil between, in, under and around the heavy rain showers this weekend.
The wire fencing that was originally around Garden Nbr. 02 has been removed, rolled up and stowed way until it's time to cut it up into sections and twine them together with bamboo poles in order to make the trellises needed later for the pole beans, peas and a couple of the vining squashes. A destination this week will be the harbor, where Bellingham's commercial fishing fleet discards their old fishing net. We'll get enough to make a new fence to keep this garden safe from all those hungry neighborhood deer and bunnies.
With more used lumber available, enough raised beds will be built to fill this entire 10' by 40' garden space. The truck is ready to haul in a couple of yards of 5-way garden soil to top-off these new beds, and straw will be placed down between the beds to help keep the weeds under control and to make a nice, mud-free walkway.
Then, then I'll be planting my Spitfire nasturtiums. I'll be filling one of these new raised beds with Renee's Gardens colorful Spitfire nasturtiums. Meanwhile, I'll try to remain patient as I daydream about those lovely nasturtiums growing totally out of control this summer in my Garden Nbr. 02.
"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."

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  1. wow...that's quite the project. You will have a lot of space when that is all done!


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