Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back in the Garden

Finally, two days in a row without rain, so off to garden I went. I first stopped at the Whatcom Farmers Co-Op for a bale of fresh straw because I knew the walkway between the raised beds would be terribly muddy. You see, we've definitely had too much rain.
I found wintered over kale - a tasty treat in early Spring.
Last year these daisies were practically hidden behind other periennials as my flower area turned out to be much too crowded. Since I have two 10' by 40' garden spots, Garden Number 01 and Garden Number 02, at the Happy Valley Community Gardens, I have plenty of space so will be spreading things out a bit more this year. I love big clumps of daisies and will put these where I can enjoy them more. Here, I'm digging up daisies.
Our growing season last year turned out to be too short for the leeks to fully mature and I was delighted to see that most of them had not rotted during the wet winter. I divided some of my chives and planted them in front of a row of leeks. I think some Bright Lights Swiss Chard will look especially pretty in front of the chives. Those clumps of daisies that I dug up were then divided and planted in the next bed over, which just happens to be the first one on the right as I enter Garden Number 01. With five clumps of daisies in such a prominent location, I will definitely enjoy them this year.
Only in my garden for a couple of hours today, I at least managed to get the straw raked out in the walkway and several of the beds readied for early Spring planting.
Not the only gardener taking advantage of this second day in a row without rain, there were several others out working their plots today too. A majority of the other gardeners there today were new gardeners this year to our community garden. I get passers by that stop to introduce themselves and chat as I work in Garden Number 01 because it's located on the end near our little parking lot and not very far from a path that leads to a trail that is part of Bellingham's Inter Urban Trail System. Today even ladies out riding their bikes on the trail noticed our Community Gardens and road over, introduced themselves and chatted a bit before taking a walking tour of the entire gardens. I love the enthusiasm and positive energy at the gardens. It feels good to be back in the garden - again.

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