Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dirt and Fences

It's really compost, but if it looks like dirt and feels like dirt, can't I call it dirt? It's my dirt. I made it myself. For three years, I've been adding compostable yard and kitchen waste to the top of the pile in my pallet board compost bin. Even my friends helped. Many times, I received calls indicating I could pick up the compostables they had saved especially for me. (Such thoughtful friends I have!) I picked up buckets and bags filled with grass clippings, pine needles, potato peelings, even lemon rinds, and dumped them all onto the top of the heap already piled up in my compost bin.
I'm not a big person, rather petite actually, and as it turned out, that large pallet board compost bin proved too large for me to easily turn its composting contents - even when standing on a stool. Thus, I turned into a lazy composter by simply watching the pile stack up, sink down, stack up again and sink down again - all on its own. Composting is magical that way, but does take longer. Currently in the process of de-constructing that huge compost bin to more efficiently utilize its space for growing more vegetables in Garden Number 01, it was a treasure to uncover this new, rich and loamy dirt as those pallet boards came out.
Then it was time to address the Spring growth of weeds already tangling themselves into the fish net deer-proof fencing surrounding the garden.
Never my favorite task, nor the easiest, it always feels better to have this chore checked off the to-do list - than not.

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