Sunday, March 20, 2011

Concert at the Mount Baker

There was plenty of activity going on just inside the doors at the Mount Baker Theatre. Tables were being filled with information about Wilbur Ministries. Musical CDs, books, colorful flags and more were being stacked up to sell later. There were plenty of theatre volunteers milling about too. Some were setting up a table for guests to place food donations for our local food bank, and others were getting ready to welcome the theatre guests once the doors were opened for the show. Having already had a busy weekend and hoping for a good seat, I arrived early so headed upstairs to the mezzanine to relax and enjoy the beautiful details of the historic building before the crowd arrived and the program began.
Looking up, the details and rich colors of the glass in this chandelier certainly caught my eye.I liked the carved wall panels with their colorfully painted theatre girls lining the outer walls.
I found the details in the painted trim on the richly finished wood ceiling amazingly beautiful.
But, really, I wasn't there just to admire the detail of one of my favorite buildings in downtown Bellingham, I was there for a concert.
Here's my friend Janel. With her granddaughter, they danced with others in the isle during one of the songs.
For more information about the Mount Baker Theatre, go here - Mount Baker Theatre, and for more information about Wilbur Ministries, go here - Wilbur Ministries.

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