Friday, March 18, 2011

Gas and WTA

The price of gas seems to be going up daily. Price driven, I tend to fill up at one of the cheapest stations in Bellingham and, trust me, thirty dollars isn't buying me much anymore.Three fifty-nine a gallon where I get my gas, and higher at the two stations on the other side of the street.There is a Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) bus stop practically at my back door. The bus on Route 27 comes by hourly, takes me through downtown Ferndale and on in to Bellingham's Cordata Transfer Station. Route 27 conveniently changes to Route 15 at Cordata and then continues on to downtown Bellingham after a major stop at Bellis Fair Mall. My old Volvo does not get the gas mileage of a new car and I can purchase a three-month pass for about the same amount of money that it takes me to fill my gas tank just one time.Taking the bus often takes me a bit longer than driving myself does and does have a few other inconveniences. Sometimes I need to wait fifteen or twenty minutes for a different bus along my route in order to get to my destination, and the bus does not even serve Ferndale into the evenings or at all on Sundays. For the majority of my running around though, the bus does serve me well, and I know that by utilizing WTA, even if just on the week days, my transportation costs are being reduced.

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