Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Even though the Happy Valley Community Gardens are one of the few twelve-month community gardens in Bellingham, we get so much moisture naturally here in the Pacific Northwest that the need for year-round water service is not necessary. There planting peas, the soil in my garden was so moist, the thought of watering was far from my mind. Promising 8 to 10 peas in each of their 4" to 4-1/2" pods, these are Mr. Big Peas. Those little white specks scattered on the soil, Sluggo, slug and snail control for organic gardening. With armies of slugs marching and munching their way through our gardens each and every night, those little plants would be gone by the morning without Sluggo.A crew from the City of Bellingham stopped by to turn on the water for the season. Water service is provided there from around the first of March through the first part of October.
Giant sweet peas are what I planted in this corner bed. Visible from our parking lot and just to the left as I enter my garden, I look forward to their colorful blooms and sweet fragrence.
These are Super Sugar Snap peas. Said to have a more plump pod than regular sugar snap peas, their vines should reach 6 to 10 feet, requiring the support of a trellis. (The ground still too soggy here to crawl around on without getting wet and muddy, yes, I admit it, I am a Blue Tarp gardener!)
I love plucking peas straight from the vine for a crisp treat right there in the garden and am looking forward to fresh garden snacks later this season.

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