Monday, July 14, 2008

CSA - Week 5 - Fennel in the Basket

Filled with a new assortment of produce, it is always fun for me as I open my new CSA harvest basket and discover what is inside.
Each week, the onions get bigger. I shall use these for salads and stir fry.More crisp Swiss chard this week. I usually stir fry Swiss chard in a small amount of olive oil and toss in a few Italian seasoned sundried tomatoes - a wonderful side dish with my dinner.A bundle of freshly pulled carrots. These will be sliced and grilled with a mixture of some of the other vegetables.I will be able to make enough tossed salads for my lunches this week out of this large head of red tipped lettuce. I will add a few other fresh vegetables - some of the onion, snap peas, carrots and zucchini, then serve with mango salsa instead of a traditional type of salad dressing.
New to me this week is fennel. I will enjoy researching a new recipe to try with the fennel bulb - maybe a soup or a salad dish. That should be fun!
This time, both a green and a yellow zucchini! The yellow will be sliced and added to my salads for the week, and the green will be grilled with the other assorted vegetables and served as a side dish, perhaps with some saved out to use in an omelet for brunch one morning.
More red cherries this week.

Lucky me, another week of strawberries too!
And more sugar snap peas! I have enjoyed the snap peas each week in my other baskets and am very happy to see more again this week. I have been grilling them mixed in with other vegetables, adding them to my salads and eating some fresh as a crispy snack.

Yum, all so very, very good!

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