Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember the Alamo?

Perfect weather made it a great day to take a walking tour through the Garden Street neighborhood before ending up at the Performing Arts Center at Western Washington University for the summer noon concert series performance by Slim Pickens, a ragtime blues band out of Seattle.
Playing mostly traditional country blues and rags from the early 20th century, I especially enjoyed the additional Cajun and Klezmer tunes in their lineup of songs for us today. What a talented group - great musicians with beautiful instruments and strong vocals!
A distant Bellingham Bay as seen from the Performing Arts Center at WWU.
Dorms.Garden Street architecture.Stained glass window in the old church.
Brightly painted houses with lovely fenced gardens.
More of the sights from our Garden Street neighborhood walking tour and WWU.

And one of my old favorites, the Alamo.
You do remember the Alamo, don't you?

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  1. Mom,

    Of course I remember the Alamo. You took me there oh so many years ago. I love the picture of the Bellingham Bay in the distance from the Performing Arts Center. I have it as my desktop picture now on my work computer.

    Love and miss you,



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