Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh, How Pretty the Knob

It was the knob that first caught my eye. Then the carved strips on each side of the door - pretty little flowers and leaves. Then, the door itself - curved. How lovely! I liked its character, its imperfections. Oh, how pretty the knob - a delicate flower set in a wreath of leaves. This beautiful antique wardrobe armoire was destined to be in my home!But, would it fit into my car? May I borrow your tape measure? Yes! Only 36" wide. Now, out to my old Volvo. Yes, well over 36"! Quickly, I put the seats down, moved the dog bed and was ready to have it loaded. But how would I get it into my apartment? While it was not particularly heavy, it certainly was bigger than me and much, much too large to carry by myself.

Kriss to the rescue! And Jesse, and Daniella!
Making use of a wheeled cart and bungee cords, in no time we had the antique armoire unloaded and rolled to the entry door of the apartment building. Taking it off the cart in order to fit it through the door, Kriss and I easily carried it to the elevator. Up we all went, and on down the hall.
Torrie, always happy to play! The curved door.
Home at last, it fits right in!
Thanks for your help Kriss, Jesse and Daniella!

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