Monday, July 21, 2008

CSA - Week 6 - Sunflowers, Pretty Sunflowers

Sunflowers, oh how bright and pretty the sunflowers!
And what a very special treat it felt to see a bucket stuffed full with bunches of sunflowers sitting right next to our stack of baskets as I stopped by Growing Washington's Local Food Exchange stall in downtown Bellingham to pick up my Community Supported Ariculture (CSA) weekly harvest share. In addition to the beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, upon opening the lid to my basket, I could see that it was stuffed full with enough farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the week.
Kale - one of my favorites.
Basil and tomatoes - perhaps I shall make a pizza topped with these. I'll make my own crust, spread with a thin layer of basil pesto and top with goat cheese, slices of tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.
Two different kinds of lettuce, a good base for my week's worth of salads.
My first head of red cabbage this season. Some of this will be great added to my salads.
Sweet onions. One of these onions will be excellent on that pizza!
One dozen tender young carrots.
I admire this clove of garlic as I remove it from my basket, recalling the wonderful flavor of those garlic scapes I received in weeks past. Some of this garlic, roasted and scattered on the top of this week's pizza.
Sweet and juicy red raspberries.
While I truly love all the various vegetables and know that I will enjoy them all week long, my favorite treat for the week has to be the assorted bunch of beautiful sunflowers.
So very pretty!

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