Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digging Up Daisies

To this day, daisies conjure up fond memories of stuffing handfuls of them into glasses filled with colorful water. Growing up in the country with meadows full of daisies that seemed just waiting to be picked, my parents must have been pretty generous with the food coloring because it seemed that each summer we girls made more than our share of pretty, colored flowers. That's why when I heard that Catrina was cleaning up her garden and had plenty of perennials to share, I said I'd take some. Grabbing a shovel, I dug bunches of Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum x superbum), Red Valerians (Centranthus ruber) and Rose Campions (Silene coronaria) to add to the flowers already in my Happy Valley garden.My next stop was my garden so that I could clean out a space for my new plants and get them back into the ground as soon as possible.
The Shasta Daisies went between a big clump of delphinium and the fence. Then on each side, I placed the Rose Campions with the Red valerian in front. They should make a pretty contrast of color with all their purples and pinks against those big white daisies with such deep yellow centers. I like that they all make nice cutting flowers too. Last year carrots and beets grew there, but with twice the garden space for 2010, I can still grow plenty of carrots - and have lots of room for flowers.
After I had finished transplanting all my new periennials, I took the time to wonder over to my new garden spot. A portion of my new space was not fenced and the City had said they would survey it and place stakes around to mark the boundaries. I was curious to see if they had gotten that done yet. Sure enough, they had. They not only had marked the boundaries on the end that was not fenced, but they also placed stakes about eight inches outside of the entire length of the existing fence. Looks like my new garden is supposed to be a bit bigger than its current fenced area. I guess it's a good thing that I already had plans to redo that fence.
More Digging Up Daisies and garden pics.



  1. Oh yay, I found out what that pretty pink flower I've been growing is called.... Rose Campion! Thanks Rose. Looks like you'll have lots of pretty flowers for the summer.

  2. That's great Christi! Glad to hear that you think the Rose Campion so pretty. I've always struggled to remember the names of flowers myself, but am really, really trying to do a better job of learning them. Now I Google any new flowers as I add them to my gardens and read as much as I can about each of them.


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