Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fragrant Hyacinth Blooms

The rewards of forcing bulbs is rather quickly realized once January rolls around. Last fall, I filled flower pot after flower pot with soil, stuffed in some tulip and hyacinth bulbs, set the pots aside in my Happy Valley Community Garden spot, mulched them with straw and, quite simply, ignored them until recently. I brought a few of the pots inside a few weeks ago. Now, the sweet fragrance of springtime hyacinth blooms fills our living room.
And there's a row of tulip buds forming on the window sill.
Watch how they've grown over the last few weeks.

With more pots of bulbs buried under the mulch in my garden yet to bring in, what a cheerful boost for the middle of winter.
Here's how I did it:

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  1. Interesting post. Last spring, I received a few pink hyacinths as a gift.. and planted them around one our peach trees. I've never transplanted hyacinth bulbs I'm hoping they will return this spring.


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