Friday, January 22, 2010

So what if it's January!

It is true, normally the ugliest part of our winter weather hits us here in the Pacific Northwest from the middle of January until the middle of February. It's usually one heavy rainstorm after another supplemented with the occasional snow storm and maybe a hard freeze or two. But not this winter. This winter, we're saying, "So what if it's January!" Unable to resist the lovely view of the islands behind Bellingham Bay from the coffee shop at the park, for the second afternoon in a row, with my Golden Retriever Torrie, we found ourselves out enjoying the trails around Boulevard Park, Taylor Dock and Fairhaven.
Knowing that soon enough these vines would be sprouting back to life, I thought they looked extra strong as they basked in the January sun.
More "So What if it's January" pics.

And tomorrow, we'll tackle King Mountain.

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  1. Rose- Beautiful Pics!! I love Jan. In-fact this is the time of the year that my family and I plan to go to the beach. For one it's cheaper during this season, it's quiet and peaceful and absolutely beautiful during the sunrise and set. Yeah I know, I can't wear shorts, But im happy wearing a sweater on the beach in Jan. And no Im not apart of the Polar bear club:)


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