Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Summer!

It's official, summer is here. Finally! Ushered out of their nest on this first day of summer, these yellow sac spider hatchlings on our back deck fled as quickly as the their little legs would allow in the warm afternoon sun.
Stopping by my Happy Valley gardens long enough to water, this fat robin was seen watching for worms working the raised bed where I've been burying our compost lately. The compost is breaking down so fast, most likely because of the many worms there so it's no wonder that the robin sits on the edge of that bed - patiently waiting.
Visiting with other gardeners while there, we loved the whisps of mare's tail clouds in the summer sky above the gardens.
 Relaxed and comfortable and warm, the Village Green in Fairhaven was a pleasant stop.
 I loved this potted rose I passed while walking down an alley in Fairhaven on my way to lunch.
Sitting outside, we enjoyed our lunch at Skylarks and made a note to come back soon to enjoy an evening of live jazz.
Happy summer to all!

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