Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday - June 06, 2011

Spring tends to be rather cool and wet here in the Pacific Northwest, so here it is, well into the month of June and the weather has finally (finally!) warmed up enough to where we can start to get serious about gardening. My Garden Nbr. 01 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens is actually starting to look like a real garden.
 The leeks are blooming.
As are the irises that I planted in the recycled fishing tote two years ago.
Today's harvest - purple irises and yellow Japanese irises, chive blossoms and leeks. I made more chive blossom vinegar for salads from the blossoms and oven roasted the leeks with some organic carrots and sundried tomatoes.
Having removed the huge pallet board compost bin from my garden earlier this spring (see - does not mean that I have stopped composting. I'm still composting, just using a different method. With several beds in Garden Nbr. 01 and Garden Nbr. 02 that still have the original heavy clay soil in them, I'm simply digging in my compostables. This method is working much faster than I had expected and the soil in this bed is already greatly improved.

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