Friday, June 17, 2011

What's Growing On - In the Garden

This is the time of year when my first quick glance of the garden gives me the impression that it's becoming overgrown and unkept. Here's my Garden Nbr. 01 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens.
At first glance, I feel like running from the weeds that seem to grow much faster than my garden plants, but then I start looking at the detail of the blooms and berries that are forming and I don't feel so overwhelmed. I know that if I simply take the few minutes to pull even just a few weeds while I'm watering each bed, progress is fast. Today after finishing the watering, weeding and picking a few early strawberries, I photographed a few of those beautiful little details that often get missed.
The borage is just beginning to blossom. Since their starshaped blossoms face the ground, the best way to photograph them is from underneath. I love how the drops of water and the light clouds in the blue sky above seem to highlight their blue blossoms. Those blossoms are edible and quite decadent when frozen into ice cubes and searved in a glass of lemonade on a hot, hot summer day.
 The first of the peas are beginning to fill out their pods.
 Clumps of green raspberries are forming on the vines.
 The chocolate mint is quickly spreading to fill up its raised bed.
The French fingerling potato plants are growing fast and looking healthy.
There were even a few early strawberries ready to be picked with plenty more to look forward to within the next few weeks.

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