Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Work

One area of our side yard had quickly gotten out of control this spring and was in need of some serious attention. With an old bench that we were saving to use as a sitting area near the fountain, I like how the project turned out.
A small space really, the weeds had completely taken over, but in no time we had it cleaned out.
There is a pile of gravel on the other side of the house where a boat used to be stored that we would really like moved, so we used some of that gravel for this project.
Gravel is heavy and when you're not too tall, emptying a wheel barrow full of the stuff isn't necessary the easiest job, but I did it.
Digging a narrow trench, the legs of the bench were securely set into the gravel.
 Then we positioned larger rocks as a walkway to the bench.
Still a work in progress, we've cleared out the weeds, spread out the gravel and now there is a small sitting area in the side yard.

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