Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's Growing On - Berries and Blossoms

Looking over my entire garden, it appears a bit too unruley right now, so I'm taking on a more focused approach by searching for those little details that seem to stand out. The things that caught my eye today, strawberries ready to be picked.
And, much to my surprise (really, more like delight!), early raspberries ready to be plucked from the vine too.
 The fragrant sweet peas, just beginning to bloom.
I do not know the name of this beauty, but adore the color changes of its leaves and the brilliant yellow seed forming in the middle of each little red blossom. My secret hope is that over the years this perennial might be able to grow to some sort of giant proportion in my garden, hiding all the weeds in the process.
The large pot of sage in my row of potted herbs in Garden Nbr. 01 is beginning to bloom too. To be savored during the upcoming winter months when spread on a grilled chicken breast (or simply crackers and cheese), once more sage blossoms are showing, I shall pick them (along with some of the leaves), steep them all together in boiling water, and cook up a batch of sage blossom jelly.
Even the leeks are about to bloom. Once this bud opens, the blossoms can be added to salads, soups, stir fries, or even steeped in boiling water and made into leek blossom jelly.
A handful of sweet sugar snap pea pods were ready to be picked, and once home, found their way onto my dinner tray.
What's to become of the strawberries and raspberries? They will fill jars labeled "Strawberry - Raspberry Jam" - tomorrow.

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  1. Wow very beautiful. all these are very wonderful. Berries and Blossoms are really amazing.
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