Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1,800 Pounds of Dirt

Eighteen hundred pounds of dirt, that was one of the gifts I received for my birthday! Not just any dirt, but a very high quality 5-way mix of topsoil, sawdust, composted cow manure, sand and mushroom compost from Bakerview Nursery. They said it was ready to plant, but once it had been loaded into the truck, my birthday was spent shoveling those 1,800 pounds of dirt from the truck into the wheelbarrow, dumping it into my new Happy Valley Community Gardens spot and raking it out.A bin, large enough for me to compost my own materials so that next year I can add more rich, new soil to my garden beds, was built out of salvaged pallets.More fence posts were set around the perimeter and the rescued commercial fishing net was hung to complete the deer-proof fence.That old garden tool box that came with my garden space and had been originally located just outside the garden was moved and rebuilt. Now I have a place to store my garden tools and supplies inside my garden. It also doubles as part of the frame for yet another raised bed and offers another place to sit.
Finally, I felt the garden really was "ready to plant"!
What a great birthday this was (and I haven't even mentioned that awesome new camera)!
View the progress as we made over this garden.

Thank you very, very much!

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