Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Little Plants

Friends started more little plants than they could use for their garden, so passed some of their extras on to me for my new Happy Valley Community Gardens spot. Cool! With so many rutabaga plants given to me, it looks like I might be eating mashed rutabagas all winter long! Well, maybe I can put a few in soups and stews too. I also planted sunflowers in the back half of this bed. They should provide me a wall of privacy and lots of cut flowers to brighten my home late in the summer.
The kohlrabi plants were transplanted to the back of this bed, and the reainder of the space was filled with pea seeds. Even though they are bush peas, this recycled piece of wire fence might offer a little additional support.
Here are my surprise zucchini. Surprise because he couldn't remember if they were green zucchini or yellow - or maybe even one of each. It will be fun waiting to see which they are. I'm hoping for one of each, but hadn't planted any so either would be nice. With two zucchini added to the spaghetti, acorn and butternut squash bed, I sure hope I've allowed enough room between the plants.
I also scored a free pot filled with regular chives from a friend at my other garden. I planted them on the opposite side of the herb bed as the garlic chives already there, so now have a distinct chive smell at both ends of that garden when I brush the plants.
Thanks Ken and Gwen, and CJ! Happy gardening to all.

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