Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mine Now

She called this morning to say that a garden space is officially mine. Not just one, but two actually. It's a double space, said to be 10' by 40'. I'm pretty happy.Kind of strange, but the space I get just so happens to be the space I featured a photo of in my last blog entry about the Happy Valley Community Gardens. Now you'd have to have a little of that local Robertson in your blood to totally understand, but I find myself wondering, Aunt Sis, are you there? The garden is only a few blocks from where her house was, so maybe it's Uncle Olen? Or Grandma? Hello? Yes, half my garden space is the one with the raised beds, cardboard boxes and all those weeds. With plenty of potential, we're already discussing ideas to get some decent soil brought in and talking about what to do for the fence. Meanwhile, I can remove boxes, pull weeds and do some general clean up. I can inventory my remaining seeds, measure the raised beds and make up a planting plan.
Not all of my garden space is covered in weeds and not all is in raised beds. Maybe this bare spot would be a good place to put those raspberries. And look, my space comes with its own old wooden box for garden storage. Once my fencing material is in place, I should move it inside my space. Maybe I could paint it - or not.
My garden comes with a big clump of lupins and a bunch of iris. Already in bloom, I made today the day of my first harvest!
My new garden.


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