Saturday, June 6, 2009

Five Hours

Five hours, that's how long I weeded the Happy Valley Community Gardens garden spot that I recently leased from the City of Bellingham. Turns out, this is how many weeds I can pull in five hours.
Here's how that newly assigned garden spot looked when I began.
I removed all the cardboard that had been covering the raised beds and walkway, then started working on those weeds.
One bed at a time, I pulled the weeds and dug out their roots. Then I did my best to level out the soil once again.
Here's what it looked like after I'd been at it for five hours.
View my progress.

Next steps for my new garden spot, adding fencing to keep the neighborhood deer out. One of my new Happy Valley Community Gardens neighboring gardeners (one who recognized me from this very blog, thank you very much) shared with me that sometimes old fishing nets are available as salvage by the dumpster on our waterfront near the Bellingham fishing fleet storage area. Thank you very much for the tip! I think I know that area and will be checking that out tomorrow, and happy gardening to you and your family. Then, as the soil there is a very heavy clay, adding a layer of soil that is more suitable for gardening on the top of each the beds is a must. As far as the dirt, we will be dealing with that next week. Soon, maybe I'll actually get to do some planting in my new garden spot!

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  1. Hi,Rose, Wow what a difference you made in your garden spot. Good job! Hope you aren't to sore. That was a lot of work. I am glad you took pictures of before and after. It looks really good.


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