Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm a Winner

Turns out, I am a winner! During the Cordata Community Gardens grand opening street party, my ticket was drawn out of the box of raffle entries, winning me an assortment of hand-crafted note cards. Meanwhile, back at our garden, the borage is growing well and showing their fuzzy buds. Soon we will be freezing their lovely blue, star-shaped flowers into ice cubes and adding them to glasses of lemon aide. Won't that feel absolutely refreshing on a sunny afternoon?
Today marked the first day for harvest of some of those tender salad greens from our garden, and more radishes. With several square-foot sections of the garden planted in a variety of leaf and head lettuces, we should have a steady supply of salad greens from our very own gardens very soon now.
View how the B2 and B3 gardens have grown.

After watering my garden spot and then my neighbor's, I took some time to wonder through the entire Cordata Community Gardens to see how things are growing. I noticed that many of the garden beds have lettuce and other vegetables that are ready to be harvested. With some of the gardeners here new to gardening, I do hope they know that they can actually eat the vegetables they are growing.
Check out the other gardens at Cordata.


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