Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barry's House - Insulation

A quick glance to the right as I walked through the door into Barry's new house and I could see the latest construction progress - insulation.Sheets of thick insulation now tightly fill the spaces between the rafters in the ceiling.And the walls have been lined with a different type of insulation. Apparently an insulating fabric is framed in between the studs, then a hole is punched in that fabric and the insulation is blown in to fill the space. It's like cotton to the touch, feeling like something you would want to use as batting for a quilt or to line a heavy winter coat.
This house is so well insulated now, standing in the middle of the room I could tell that it will be comfortable in there next winter when Barry stands there and looks outside through those big windows. Even when the gale force winds and heavy rains are blowing through Hales Passage, he will be warm and cozy!
Meanwhile, looks like Barry's been inspired to put in a garden. He's gathered up some of the scraps from his house-building project and built raised beds for potatoes, and with tomatoes planted so that their roots will get plenty of air, his garden is in.
Since he cut some of the lumber for me that I saved from a different construction job dumpster so that I could build many of the raised beds in my new Garden Nbr. 02 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens, and then let me borrow his truck so that I could haul in a couple of yards of soil to fill those beds, I'm going to count Barry's newly inspired garden as part of my Extreme Growing Challenge this year. Good job on that garden, Barry!

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