Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Number 2 - More Boards

Having built barely half of the raised beds needed for new Garden Number 02 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens, another day was spent digging through the construction scrap pile rescuing boards.I conside these boards to be a real "bargain" as having saved them from the construction dumpster, their price was zero dollars. They did come with nails though - lots of nails. Fortunately I had brought along my hammer and set to work. I had created quite a pile of old bent nails by the time those boards were cleaned and ready to be cut down to size.
So kind of that wonderful contractor to cut the boards for me, and of his helper to load them into my car. What a very lucky girl I was that day! Thank you both so very much.
Then I headed to my newly cleared and tilled garden spot with that load of lumber and started assembling more raised beds.
How cool it was when my puny drill started making hard work of screwing those boards together that a much better drill was made available to me.
In no time, I had the rest of the raised beds built and set in place in the garden.
Thank you so very, very much.

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