Saturday, May 22, 2010


More, lots more. More boards with more nails to remove, then more boards cut to size so that more raised beds could be built to complete Garden Number 02 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens. More thanks to Kathy for setting the boards aside, more thanks to Ron for making the boards available and more thanks to Barry for cutting the boards to size. What a wonderful community effort this new garden is as it never would have been possible without more help from all of you.
A quick trip to the hardware store for more screws, then more raised beds were built and set in place between the others. With more help, these new beds soon will be filled with more soil and then with more vegetables and flowers.
There was more sharing within this wonderful gardening community with half a tray of rapini (broccoli rabe) seedlings. Planted in Garden Nbr. 01, what a wonderful addition to this garden. More thanks!
Thinking back, I recall that my father was always very good at finding practical, yet unconventional uses for every day items. I think that he would be pleased that the perfect dibber for my garden tool basket has turned out to be that old carved bone handled knife sharpener that he gave me so many years ago when we were downsizing them from their house to the old folks home. It certainly made the perfect holes for planting those tiny little plants. More uses for more things!
Then, there was more spinach to harvest. The second cutting of this Spinach "America", it has quickly become a favorite. Grown from heirloom seed received at the Second Annual Seed Swap held in downtown Bellingham earlier this spring, even though the leaves seem to triple in size almost over night, it remains as tender and tasty as if a tiny, baby spinach leaf.
More - pics from the gardens.


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