Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blooming Things

Day after day, I can pour water out of the hose onto the plants in the garden when the sky above is its deep blue and, yes, it does keep the plants alive, keep them from withering away, keep them slowly growing, but, wow, after a day of steady drizzle, what a difference it makes. The garden starts to pop. And things start to bloom. Suddenly the buds on the irises have opened up to reveal absolutely huge flowers.
The flower stems on these lupin stretched up to be almost as tall as I am now that they, too, are blooming.Even the vegetable plants are beginning to bloom. Looks like there will be an early crop of peas very soon.
One day of rain and the fava beans are showing buds.
Standing on the outside looking in at Garden Nbr. 02, it was almost magical, as if recorded in a time-lapsed video, as little bean and squash plants were sprouting up through the soil.
More pics of blooming things on a day of drizzle in the gardens.


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