Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Pea Trellis

With lots of different varieties of pole beans and plans to stake the cucumbers and some of the squashes, my stash of bamboo will soon be transformed into trellises of many different sizes and shapes. Quite a few of the bamboo poles cut from my cousin's yard were close to 25 feet long, so after sawing them into lenghths more suitable for building trellises, the wispy, top-most portions of the bamboo stalks were turned into a trellis for the sweet peas in Garden Nbr. 02 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens.
This trellis was certainly easy to make. Pushing the bamboo pieces into the soil around the perimiter of the sweet peas, the bamboo was pulled together at the top, wrapped and tied with twine. The twine was then woven down around the bamboo poles to form a support as the sweet peas grow and fill up the trellis.

Meanwhile, having focused this last week on sowing seeds in the new raised beds in Garden Nbr. 02, my other garden was beginning to look neglected as the fence line around it was being claimed by weeds. Yikes, it really was in need of some serious attention.
One of those jobs that I always seem to put off for far too long, Garden Nbr. 01 certainly does look better now that its done.
I like that I can actually see the fava beans - from the outside of the garden - now.

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