Monday, May 24, 2010


This is the reason why what felt like "Gorilla Gardening" for the past few weeks has been the focus. This move was pending. The week has finally arrived, and the task of packing is well under way.It almost feels like moving day has snuck up on us. But really, that can't be because this move has been looming ahead for quite some time. We've just been putting it off, procrastinating perhaps. What with putting in a new garden, and getting the existing garden in shape, there really was a lot of work that needed to be done this spring. We wanted that work to be history before having to focus on the move. With the gardens now under control, about all that needs to be done for the next little while is to keep them watered, and hope that weeds don't take over while we're packing, unpacking and settling in.

I don't like moving. Even with others doing the hard physical labor of lifting all those heavy boxes and furniture, it's still a lot of work. I'm a nester and enjoy a more settled feeling at home. I don't enjoy having my stuff packed up in boxes. Our friends are excited though because we'll be living much closer to many of them - and they are helping.

With plans for a summer filled with backyard barbeques and taking the dogs for swims at the river, I know that once all this hard work is finished I will like it, and that soon it will once again feel like home. It really will be fun and I am excited - just dreading all the work.

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