Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sunburned and a little fatigued, our first planting is finished! B-2 at the Cordata Community Gardens is now a real garden. Whew!
The B-2 garden plan.
Efficient square foot gardening.
B-2 finished!
Cauliflowers on one end.
Broccoli on the other.
A leak was discovered in our waterline yesterday so our water service has been temporarily shut off. This afternoon seemed a safe time to plant as beginning tomorrow, a few days of rain has been predicted. Plus, today being Mother's Day, it seemd a most appropriate opportunity for me to let Mother Nature take care of the watering!
I think we need a rain barrel or two at the gardens. One on each side of the garden shed might be perfect. This afternoon I met with the WSU Master Recycler that has volunteered to help us build our compost system at the gardens. And, I know several WSU Beach Watcher voluneers that have mentioned an interest in getting together for a rain barrel building workshop - that Master Recycler, a fellow Beach Watcher as well. Perhaps we could have that rain barrel building session right there at our gardens! After all, every gallon counts!

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  1. Hi, Rose. Thank you so much for doing this for me. Its going to be fun to see everything grow into lots of edible veggies. Didn't have to do much of a rain dance - looks like we are going to get plenty. You are very sweet for doing this and I really appreciate it. Mike.


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