Friday, May 22, 2009


While at the gardens to water today, I noticed how many second leaves were starting to grow on those tiny little seedlings. I could actually identify the plants by leaf shape. Obviously I'll be thinning some of those radishes and lettuces soon.
There was a big box of "free" seeds left for us by the master gardeners, so I planted some. Because they were from 2007, I planted a bit heavier than usual in case there was an issue with the older seeds not germinating as well as new ones. Guess not!
I'll try to hold off as long as possible before thinning the spinach, hopefully to get enough tender leaves to add to my dinner plate on that particular thinning day. Maybe next time I'll make my own seed tapes like this - How to Make Seed Tape, so my plants are more evenly spaced.

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