Thursday, May 21, 2009

Easy Watering

Now it is easy to water my garden spot at the Cordata Community Gardens! What a difference a short piece of hose and a hand-held spray nozzle can make! A rainbow followed me around as I watered today.Just look at those peas! I can actually tell that they have grown in the two short days since we added that support frame. Amazing!
This is the square that I suspected I had double planted. Sure enough, I've got radishes growing strong, and plenty of what might be rainbow Swiss chard coming up too. I've heard it's clever to mix radishes and carrots when planting because the carrots are so much slower to germinate and mature than the radishes, but I've never heard that about radishes and Swiss chard. Let's hope that these are a very early radish so they will be out of the garden and on my table before the chard gets too big.
It's all growing so fast! Here are today's garden pics.


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